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"We are proud to be a worldwide leading airborne mapping company committed with delivering high quality geo-information products to our users and helping them to make relevant decisions for their own industry."

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    Extensive Experience & Highly Innovative

    Founded in 1992, Aerodata has been the first European based company to purchase a digital photogrammetric camera. In 2011 Aerodata acquired TerraImaging BV, a Dutch leading remote sensing company specialized in LiDAR, becoming its Dutch branch in 2013 through Aerodata Netherlands. In 2012 Aerodata conducted its first oblique image and bathymetric LiDAR projects, proving once again its innovative ability to expand into new technologies and new markets. In 2016 the fleet has been extended again by welcoming a 10th aircraft.

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    Worldwide presence & Fast Field Projection Capability

    Aerodata operates everywhere in the world with a strong focus in Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions. Thanks to an extensive network of partners, Aerodata provides fast field projection capability. The company combines its unique experience in airborne data acquisition and fleet operations, with innovation, flexibility, accessibility and openness, to offer its users cost-effective, high quality, high value airborne products and derivatives.

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    Great People with Deep Expertise & Outstanding Assets

    Today Aerodata’s workforce counts 75 highly talented professionals from more than 20 nationalities, spread around 5 offices everywhere in the World. The group operates one of the largest fleet dedicated to airborne data acquisition with extensive characteristics to operate field solutions and fit on purpose. It owns extensive leading edge digital airborne sensors, state-of-the-art survey equipment providing top-market features and best operational efficiency.

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    Robust International Group

    Early 2010 Aerodata joined the PASCO group. PASCO, a GEO-ICT company based in Japan and quoted on the Tokyo stock exchange, groups many overseas companies in the USA, Brazil, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Finland. The group is solid, and counts 2,500 worldwide employees in total.

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