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Production Manager LiDAR – Netherlands

We are looking to fill the vacancy of a "Production Manager LiDAR" with the production team located in Utrecht - the Netherlands.

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Role Responsibilities

As Production Manager LiDAR you will be responsible for the LiDAR production team and its activities. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Education and Competencies

To successfully perform this job, the Production Manager LiDAR needs to prove good communication skills, have team working capacity, be well organised and able to analyse the project from a broad and analytical perspective.

It is recommended to have operational expertise in Photogrammetric and LiDAR Project Management, technical knowledge of camera/sensors and specific software.




Able to work in EU (EU citizen, work permit or equivalent)


You will be part of a team that is known for “getting the job done”

Full-time contract of unlimited duration


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Apply for this job

Production Manager LiDAR – Netherlands