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Project Manager – Antwerp (BE)

The Project Manager is responsible for leading one or more projects within Aerodata International Surveys. He/she will represent the company in its relationship with the client and will discuss improvements and technical alternatives during the project execution. He/she will provide the necessary information and will coordinate the different departments of the company in order to complete the project on time and under the requirements of the contract.

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Duties and Responsibilities


To successfully perform this job, the Project Manager needs to prove good communication skills, have team working capacity, be well organised and have the ability to analyze the project from a broad and analytical perspective. It is recommended to have operational expertise in Photogrammetric and LIDAR Project Management, technical knowledge of camera/sensors and specific software.




Working Conditions

The Project Manager might have to travel to the project location –  short or long term depending the project requirements – and also will need to adapt his/her normal working hours to the local requirements.

You are able to work in EU   – EU citizen / work permit / or equivalent

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Project Manager – Antwerp (BE)