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  • Key Take Aways

    Simultaneous topographic and bathymetric surveys
    Up to 50 m depth survey capability at 3 secchi
    Superior coverage capability
    Automatic water refraction correction

  • Specifications

    Up to 1 pt/m²
    Up to 50 cm horizontal RMSE
    Up to 15 cm vertical RMSE

The bathymetric LiDAR solution operates in a manner that is similar to the topographic LiDAR one, with the unique exception to be capable of detecting two returns that delineate the water surface and seabed. The infrared band is quickly absorbed and is therefore used to detect the water surface, while a green band is used as the optimum color to achieve maximum penetration in shallow and deep water. The bathymetric LiDAR solution operates at a much slower rate, currently around 1000 soundings per second, due to the need to generate a much longer laser pulse and higher power requirements.

The solution offers significant savings both in operational cost and productivity increases, by allowing a rapid coverage of large areas. The solution can be operated in clear water in depths up to 50m at 3 secchi. This of course is a function of water clarity and will decrease with increased water turbidity. It offers a cost effective solution to wide area surveys which are impossible, difficult or expensive to access or complete using conventional acoustic systems.

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