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  • Key Take Aways

    Combined with vertical views
    Best image quality sensor
    Highly accurate mapping capability
    Focal length adaptability for difficult airspaces

  • Specifications

    Up to 2 cm GSD
    Up to 3 pixels horizontal RMSE
    Up to 4 pixels vertical RMSE

The oblique imagery solution offers the advantage to evaluate any urban area from at least four different views (north, south, east and west) in addition with the vertical imagery solution. It is also known as bird's-eye view. This results in applications where you can get immediately the oblique views of the same object, with a high degree of detail by zooming in.

This way the users will be able to measure distances, slopes and heights from the office, and get valuable information about buildings such as number of floors, access and backyard layouts, materials, advertising panels. It offers a cost effective solution to wide area surveys which are impossible, difficult or expensive to access or complete using conventional systems.

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