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  • Key Take Aways

    Large frame based image footprint
    Focal length adaptability
    Large swath for faster airborne acquisition
    Experience with pushbroom operations

  • Specifications

    From 2.5 cm up to 50 cm GSD
    Up to 1 pixel horizontal RMSE
    Up to 1.5 pixel vertical RMSE

The vertical imagery solution provides a record of the earth's surface at an instant in time and is relied on by all organisations that manage or interact with the natural and built environments. Aerial imagery provides a common language to assess the environment and help communicate on complex concepts or problems to developers, planners, decision makers and society at large.

Applications for vertical imagery range from online services and web directories that use the imagery as a navigation backdrop, to engineering companies that use high resolution imagery for asset management and route planning, or even to governments for urban planning. It offers a cost effective solution to wide area surveys which are impossible, difficult or expensive to access or complete using conventional terrestrial or satellite based solutions.

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